Keys To Green Line Thinking

I have leveraged the Green-Line Development tools and methodologies to better understand the consumer, develop and drive strategy, and also maximize the product value for both the company and the user.

Project Manager: Home Cleaning
Greenline thinking has provided a common language and understanding of purpose among our development teams, often providing us with the ability to see the forest where we have historically been very much in the trees.

Project Manager: Pest Control
Green Line Development highlights putting in the work upfront to allow speed down the road. It drives collaboration across functions creating an environment more conductive to a successful team. It is the foundation for success!

Project Manager: Home Cleaning

Green Line Development At Re-Wired

Do You Need Green Line Development?

If your product development timelines look like these, click here to see if Green Line Development is right for you.

About The Re-Wired Group

The Re-Wired Group is a product development consulting firm in Michigan. We help R&D and marketing organizations who are struggling to devlop new products that drive growth for their respective companies. We are focused on Demand Side Innovation. Demand side innovation is about understanding why consumers hire and fire products to do a particular job. Once we know the job, we use the tools and methods of Green Line Development to develop products better, faster, cheaper.

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